Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something Borrowed

Yes, it's chick lit, but I bought it at the airport--so it's kinda like eating while standing up in the kitchen . . . it doesn't count against me. Actually, I was coming down with a nasty virus and had just finished some messy work callbacks and was facing a 2 hour layover. So, I walked into the airport's Simply Books and stared blankly at the racks. The kindly woman dustmopping the store pointed at a nicely muted pink book with a sparkly ring on it, Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, and said, "lots of people are buying that." So, I did. It is the literary equivalent of a Cinnabon, which was also nearby, and if you are stuck in the airport and can feel the flucold wrapping itself around you like a numbing old sweater and are tired of cleaning up other folks' messes and just want to Calgon-away for a couple hours in the time/space continuum rift that is the modern day airport, buy this book.

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